Multi-Purpose Multi-Tissue Ultrasound Phantom
Model 040GSE


Can my ultrasound QA phantom be re-inspected to ensure its suitability for continued use?

Yes, for a fee, CIRS can inspect your ultrasound QA phantom for signs of degradation that may impact the performance of the phantom. The inspection consists of four steps:

Step 1 – Careful visual inspection of phantom housing, scanning surface and accessories for signs of damage.

Step 2 – Weigh the phantom to quantify any desiccation. Weight loss can be used to estimate changes to SOS and attenuation within the phantom from time of original certification. 

Step 3 – Thorough inspection with a diagnostic ultrasound system to identify any defects and confirm integrity of all targets. This essentially is the same final ultrasound inspection each phantom originally undergoes prior to being sold to the customer.

Step 4 – Generation of formal inspection report noting inspection results, special observations and manufacturers “opinion” regarding suitability for use. Final decision on usability resides with the customer and is dependent on their particular situation. Recommended non-warranty repairs will be quoted separately.